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Tuscany cooking class

12 hours in total of cooking lessons over the course of your week with us in the heart of Tuscany

During the years, we have come to understand that food, the perfect cultural vehicle, plays a fundamental role in bringing people together. This is why an important part of our week together will be dedicated to this topic.

A total of four cooking lessons will be held throughout the week, divided into two moments: 2 and a half hour frontal lessons and the sharing of the prepared meal at dinner.

Our cooking lessons aim to get you up close and personal to the Italian culinary tradition, providing you with the skills to construct a tailored menu, from the antipasto to the dessert. We will teach you to cook dishes that are harmoniously balanced while being healthy and tasty, and easily made at home. We will prepare a different menu every day so as to give you the greatest possible insight into the Italian cuisine.

The Ingredients

We will use organic ingredients from our local producers: organic flours made with ancient grains milled in the region, top quality Tuscan organic fruit, vegetables and meat. During spring and summer, we will gather tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, salads and aromatic herbs directly from the small garden in front of the kitchen. We will teach you to recognize quality and freshness in the ingredients we will use, training your sight, sense of smell and taste.

Cooking methods

We will learn the basis for all recipes: meat and vegetable broth, sautés, stocks, sauces, meat and fish ragout. We will also learn about the history of certain foods and the different Italian regional traditions tied to their preparation.

Wine matching

We will taste excellent wines from Tuscany and other parts of Italy and we will learn to match them to the food cooked.
Furthermore, we will learn about Tuscan wine thanks to an amazing tour of the Chianti.


If there are vegetarian guests present or guests with particular food allergies we provide tasty alternative meals to suit their requirements.

Chef Vilma

I am sure that the passion that I put into preparing my dishes will be key to having fun together and to conveying to you my enthusiasm for healthy, light, harmonious cooking that is easily reproducible at home. My aim throughout my courses is to help my students get familiar with raw ingredients and with their proper preparation, and to make specific dishes easily repeatable at home.


Once you have booked, we can choose together what to prepare during the cooking class. Take a look at the Italian traditional dishes that we suggest here. If you do not find something to your taste, write to us so that we may arrange your personalized request.

The appetizers

We will prepare classic appetizers with seasonal ingredients, adding a pinch of innovation, organic fruit and vegetables and some daring flavor combinations.


Pasta is the queen of Italian cuisine. We will learn about the different types of flour, and how to knead, roll out and form dough.


In the Italian tradition, seasoning gives zest and color to pasta entrees. We will prepare together tasty vegetable, meat and fish sauces.


We will prepare this great Italian classic dish with fresh broths, top quality organic vegetables and delicious different kinds of rice.

Mains and side dishes

The side dishes: a festival of aromas and colors to enhance the flavors of the Main courses. We will also prepare the side dishes to be a festival of aromas and colors to enhance the flavors of the Main courses.


The traditional Italian desserts we will prepare together be absolutely irresistible and will beautifully bring to a close each of our lessons.