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Private concert in Tuscany

Music is a universal language that need not be translated and nor does it require knowledge of languages.You will live a rare, if not unique, experience: an intimate concert just for you, to listen to while relaxing in comfortable armchairs with a good glass of Chianti wine in hand, in the house where you will have come to know and love the Carezze d’Italia experience.

Professional instrumentalists from the Luigi Cherubini Conservatorium of Music of Florence will interpret for us the notes of Verdi, Puccini, Rossini and other great Italian composers.

In this way, we will conclude the Carezze d’Italia adventure, with the hope to have lit within you a deep passion for our land, culture and traditions.

Musician Marco

Together with my colleagues, I desire to accompany you to the world of opera during our private concert featuring the most beautiful and famous arias and duets. The objective is to introduce you to the rich musical tradition of Italy.