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Guided tour in Florence and Siena

The “carezze” or “caresses” of the places that you will visit, will let you explore the magnificent views of the architecture and landscapes of Florence, Siena and the Chianti. Our strategic location near Florence and Siena will allow all comings and goings to be fast and easy. Thanks to our advantageous location we will go on some truly delightful guided tours that are customizable on the basis of your interests and passions. We will stroll through these fascinating places, rich with history, accompanied by a professional guide who will aid us in discovering even the lesser known, but equally as fascinating, nooks and crannies, and who will recount the Tuscan social life, customs and traditions.

Guided tour of Florence

While in Florence, in addition to the great works of the past like the Duomo, Loggia dei Lanzi and Ponte Vecchio, we will visit the Mercato Centrale (Central Market), a place that takes a central role in the life of all Florentines as a meeting spot, but also as an important place “to do the groceries” or as Italians say, “fare la spesa”. Here we will visit fresh food stores and even get to eat Florentine street food.

Guided tour of Siena

In Siena we will visit the Mangia Tower and the famous Piazza del Campo where the Palio takes place twice a year. We will enter the “Contrade”, the different quarters of the city that compete against each other for the Palio (a silk banner painted each time by a different artist).

We will visit the Duomo’s crypt and it will be like entering in the womb of the Cathedral. The crypt is located beneath the Cathedral and is one of the most important archaeological discoveries of recent years. The crypt has maintained the colors used by the 13th century artists who decorated it thanks to the soil that covered and protected it until its discovery twenty years ago.

Guided tour of the Chianti

In the Chianti region, we will discover breathtaking panoramas, little medieval villages, ancient castles and centennial wine cellars where we will taste precious vintage wines. To find out more, discover our wine tour.

Tour guide Marina

I will have the pleasure to accompany you on a visit to Florence and Siena. Our visits will be “interdisciplinary” during which not only will you learn historical and scientifically correct facts, but you will also be told anecdotes and stories from the true lives of Tuscan people and families.