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1) Must I be a cooking expert in order to participate?
No, the lessons are articulated in a way that will allow everyone to easily learn and redo the dishes we cook together at home.

2) Is it necessary to be able to speak Italian?
No, all activities in the program are in English except for the readings of the literary passages. These will be made understandable by allowing you to read the passage first in English and from the fun exercises we will do together. You will return home with a greater knowledge of the Italian language and having learnt some basic phrases.

3) My group speaks a little Italian because we are sons/daughters of Italian emigrants, can we do the various activities in Italian?
Certainly, we will adapt the use of the Italian language according to your level of comprehension and you will return home with a richer vocabulary and an improved pronunciation.

4) Is it possible to modify the menu of the cooking lessons?
Of course, it is possible to plan the dishes that we will cook and eat together, even before your arrival.

5) Is it possible to modify the itinerary of the guided tours?
The visits are organized to optimize the comings and goings between places and to take advantage of what our surroundings have to offer. Nevertheless, for particular needs we can arrange alternative itineraries before your arrival.

6) I have specific dietary requirements (vegan/vegetarian/allergy/ intolerance), can I still participate in the cooking lessons?
Of course, before your arrival we will arrange the various menus based on your requirements.

7) Are the transfer costs to/from the airport or station included in the total cost of the week?
Of course, both the arrival and departure.

8) Are the costs of transfers included in the total weekly cost?
Yes, all transfers to and from places listed in the program are included in the total cost.

9) What is your cancellation policy?
You can read our cancellation policy here.

10) Can I have an apartment that is accessible without stairs?
Yes, you simply need to communicate this requirement at the time of booking.