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My name is Marina Mengelberg. I am your professional tour guide. I was born and raised in the Netherlands where I also completed my studies. I was born into a family of great art enthusiasts. Instead of taking me to the sea, during the summer my parents would take me around Europe to see museums, churches and monuments.

It was almost inevitable that once an adult, having had this education as a child, I would choose to live in a land where a great concentration of beauty is inserted within a naturally magnificent context. I have been living in Tuscany for about 20 years and I made my passion for this place become my profession.

In 2009 I became a tour guide for Florence and its province and then in 2013, for Siena and its province. In the meantime, my two sons were born to whom I am trying to convey my passion for art through an awareness of being European. In fact, they speak three languages fluidly.

I will have the pleasure to accompany you on a visit to Florence and Siena to discover piazze, palazzi, churches and even spots that you would not normally notice so as to help you understand the true spirit of these cities. In addition to the classic places to visit, we will discover small gems that are not so well known where historic and contemporary art, tradition and city life intertwine, allowing us to grasp the very essence of the traditions passed down through the centuries.

Our visits will be “interdisciplinary” during which not only will you learn historical and scientifically correct facts, but you will also be told anecdotes and stories from the true lives of Tuscan people and families.

I hope to be able to convey to you more than just my knowledge but also my passion and love that has tied me to this land for so many years.