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I am Giorgio Concato and together with my wife Susanna, I am the owner and creator of “Carezze d’Italia”. I will be your point of reference for all things wine such as degustations and the visits to the wine cellars.

I was born in Rome and I have been living here in Chianti for more than twenty years now. I have a very small wine and oil production for family needs and for friends. I am a first level sommelier of the AIS. My passion for wine and the land was probably inherited from my father Agostino, born in 1909. Many family memories tied to my dad are accompanied by memories of wine. Born and raised in Veneto (an Italian region where many of the best Italian whites are produced), he was a wine collector and some of his bottles now make up a part of my small but precious collection. Through the years we have tasted some of them, like the marvellous Recioto of Valpolicella, that we opened for my 18th birthday and that was my same age.

Ever since I have been living in the countryside of this beautiful region, I have had the opportunity to appreciate the changing seasons and the important cyclical role they have in the development of the vineyard and the soil.

To produce good wine, one requires the capacity to “watch” the earth and skies, sniff the air, touch and sense the earth. In these years I have been fortunate enough to meet many small producers who with their work and their sensitivity have raised the quality of this product to levels of excellence. I will be happy to have you taste and analyze their wines with you. In fact, my aim is to convey to you the love and care for this product, and even to help you learn some small signs for recognizing a good quality wine.

Together we will visit some farms scattered amongst the hills of this territory and their interesting wine cellars that are truly small architectural gemstones.
Once you have returned to your homes, I would like us to remain in contact and to continue to exchange with you feelings and opinions regarding the labels we will have tasted during the week.