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Wine tour in Tuscany

Our wine tour through the vineyards of the Chianti, in the heart of Tuscany, will not be just any simple visit to the wine cellars, but rather a journey to discover the Chianti territory. It was here that the centennial work of man bore fruit to a most precious wine that has become well-known and appreciated by the whole world while also ensuring the conservation of its emotive landscapes. Our itinerary allows us to take advantage of this particular aspect: we will pass through vineyards and olive groves enriched with the presence of ancient castles, villages and churches. We will follow the curves of the charming sweet Tuscan hills to discover the natural and human architecture that will leave us breathless.

We will lose ourselves in the medieval streets of one of the gems of Tuscany: San Gimignano, the “Manhattan of the Middle Ages” made famous in the entire world by its third century towers.
We will visit Badia a Passignano: an impressive and well-structured monastery in Vallombrosa and its church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, the angel warrior.

We will discover Tuscan wineries with centennial cellars where we will be welcomed by the warm smiles of their owners who are proud to have their lands known and appreciated. We will visit historical wine cellars where high technology is at the service of the values of tradition. We will understand how authentic and quality wines that we will taste are born in the vineyards because of strict pruning, the use of organic fertilizers and the careful choice of grapes when harvesting.

What we offer you is thus a true and authentic immersion in the Chianti: an ancient territory of Tuscany, rich with intrigue, where tradition is glorified in every aspect, in man’s labor and from the conscientious use of innovation.

Also, each dinner of our holiday week will be accompanied by a selection of wines chosen to match with the menu prepared each day during our cooking class. Giorgio will choose amongst the best Tuscan and Italian wines and will guide you through a sensorial journey in order to understand and appreciate the colors, primary and secondary aromas, robustness and structure.

Wine expert Giorgio

In these years I have been fortunate enough to meet many small producers who with their work and their sensitivity have raised the quality of this product to levels of excellence. I will be happy to have you taste and analyze their wines with you.