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Readings from Italian literature

4 hours in total over the course of the week

Literature is another instrument we will use to deepen our journey into the Italian culture. Naturally, the time that we will dedicate to this experience will not allow us to truly deepen our knowledge of the language structure, but rather, we will use the literary text to get in touch with its cultural, linguistic and relational aspects.
The aim is to stimulate our attention to the comprehension of the Italian text and to memorize some key words. In summary, we will proceed as follows:

  • We will choose a small passage from a famous Italian literary piece; the selection will be based on participants’ Italian language level.
  • The passage will be first read individually and independently in English. The passage will have some highlighted key words.
  • Susanna will carry out the first reading of the passage in Italian.
  • We will comment together on the more significant words and use of verbs.
  • Susanna will read the passage a second time in Italian.
  • We will read aloud together the passage in Italian.
  • Finally, we will proceed to understand the text.
  • At the end of the reading, a translated list of the key words learnt will be provided.
Art historian Susanna

I will take care of the cultural aspects of your visits in Tuscany in accordance with your requests. I will select passages from Italian literature that we will read and the works of art that we will discuss during our dinners.