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Group of women

True female friendship, filled with understanding, laughter, mutual trust and sincerity, is a precious gift. As time goes on, it becomes all the more difficult to find the time for your friends. Between work, home and family, the time dedicated to ourselves and to our dear ones is never enough.

Then why not take a holiday from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?  Give yourselves an all-girl break to regenerate the body and the spirit and to dedicate yourselves to your true passions: art, music, good food and the discovery of new and surprising places.

Forget your duties and roles, the week spent here with us will be filled with authentic experiences and quality time dedicated to fun and relaxation.
It will be great to rekindle your friendship After having shared this experience together the return home will be that much sweeter. You will take home the images and  experiences to remember together when you want with a smile.