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Carezze d’Italia is born: a week to live and breathe authentic Tuscany

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Tuscany is a place that is one-of-a-kind. Its beauty manifests itself in many different forms: in Tuscan artworks and architecture inherited from the past and in its nature sculpted by man with a truly rare workmanship and refinement. The food and wine heritage boasts absolute excellence and tells of the physical diversity of the different areas of Tuscany, from the elegant curves of the Chianti hills, to the sunny coasts of Maremma.

Twenty years ago, we decided to make Tuscany our home, and then ten years later we further revolutionized our way of life after restoring an ancient farmstead in Chianti to which to invite people from around the world, encouraged by the desire to know and visit Tuscany. Today we give life to Carezze d’Italia: a week spent here with us in the heart of Tuscany, characterized by unique experiences that will let you breathe the authentic Tuscan life style: a week to get to know immortal works of art, to explore the territory and its riches, to cook together and to listen to good music.

Together with this project, our blog is also born. It will be an open window to Tuscany and our reality through the eyes of the people within our team: Susanna, Giorgo, Vilma, Marina and Marco. It will be a space to talk about what we love and the activities that characterize the Carezze d’Italia program such as Tuscan cuisine and its great recipes, the wines that have made this land famous in all the world, its immortal works of art, great historical figures, breathtaking places and the most interesting of events including exhibitions, concerts, theatre shows and conventions.

Through these stories you can come to know the best that Tuscany has to offer, plan your great journey with us and wait around for it in our company. Are you curious? Discover the week’s program and begin to dream.